Rights of Stewards

Employers often assert that the only role of a steward in an investigatory meeting is to
observe the discussion or be a silent witness.  The Supreme Court, however, clearly
acknowledged a steward's right to assist and counsel workers during the interview.  
Decided cases establish the following procedures:

When the steward arrives, the supervisor must inform the steward of the subject
matter on the interview, i.e., the type of misconduct for which discipline is being
considered (theft, lateness, drugs, etc.)

The steward must be allowed to take the worker aside for a private pre-interview
conference before questioning begins.

The steward must be allowed to speak during the interview.  However, the steward
does not have the right to bargain over the purpose of the interview.

The steward can request that the supervisor clarify a question so that the worker can
understand what is being asked.

After a question is asked, the steward can give advice on how to answer.

When the questioning ends, the steward can provide additional information to the

It must be emphasized that if the Weingarten rules are complied with, stewards have
not right to tell workers not to answer question, or to give false answers.  Workers
can be disciplined if they refuse to answer questions.
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